Torrent as we know it is the best place to download anything that is playable on computers or smartphones. Well, the basic reason that makes torrent sites quite popular is that you don’t need to pay a single penny in order to download anything. And who doesn’t love free stuff? Everyone! All contents on the best torrent sites of all time might be free but are all of them safe? No! But that doesn’t mean that all torrent sites are harmful. Apart from this there is another major issue that always lurks around torrent sites i.e. the copyright issue. This is the primary reason due to which most torrent sites are getting banned. In fact Google is also taking steps to ban torrent sites.

But that won’t stop people from downloading content from torrent sites. People will always find alternate ways to download stuff from torrent. In this post, we will be providing you with the top 15+ torrent sites 2017. These sites are the best and safest torrent sites on which you will ever lay your hands on. So check out these sites accordingly and download contents from here without and worrying about the security of your device.

Top 15+ Best Torrent Sites 2017 To Download Torrent Files| Best Torrenting Sites

  1. The Pirate Bay

    All torrent users are very familiar with this site. Well, given the fact that this is the biggest torrent of all, no wonder this site so popular. Well, the user-interface of this very clean and you can find the torrents that you are looking for quite easily. For a precise search you can use the filter option and filter your search accordingly. Well, if you are unable to find a certain file on any of the torrent sites then you can search for that file on The Pirate Bay. There are high chances that you will be able to get it here.

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  2. Extratorrent

    Extratorrent has been one of the best torrents sites for quite some years. After the fall of The Pirate Bay and KickAss Torrents this torrent has been providing people with reliable torrents. Extratorrent has a clean interface and to make it even better the contents of this site have been categorized quite nicely. There are lots of features that make this site preferable than most sites. You can check the date and even the name of the uploader here. There are lots of trusted uploader that provide you with trustworthy materials. Some torrents files have the option of preview before downloading.

  3. KickAssTorrents

    KickAssTorrentsis sometimes referred to as King Torrents. Well, the reason behind this is the fact that this site has been providing people with the best and most reliable contents. Whatever you need is available on this site. The beautiful and clean interface and also the properly categorised content make this all the more preferable than most sites. Most videos, pictures and other contents on this site are of good quality. If you are worried about the reliability of a file, then you can check out the comment section of the files. The preview feature is present here on this site too.

  4. Lime Torrents

    Lime Torrents might not have been around for so long but it does provide you some of the best torrents of all time. It has gained quite lot of users over the years and we hope that it does stay at the top. Well, why shouldn’t it? You can download whatever content you want from this site. Just type in the search bar and download the file that seems suitable to you. You will find a good amount of content in the Latest torrent, Top torrent, etc. categories. There is a section on this site where you can even discuss torrent related topics.

  5. TorrentZ

    Technically is not the standard site where from where you download content. To be precise this site is actually a torrent search engine. You just type in the name of the content that you want and this provides you with a list of sites from where this file can be downloaded. You will find this site to be quite appealing than most of the torrent sites. All the best torrent sites will be at the top if the list. Torrentz has been a personal favorite of most of the torrent users as this made torrenting quite easier.

  6. TorrentHound

    TorrentHound is another famous and popular torrent site. The site was launched a few years back and within these years it has become one of the top rated torrent sites. TorrentHound has a huge database of torrent files to download from. Well, everything that is required to prove the authenticity of the fileshave been provided on the site. Apart from that site seems pretty clean and is quite easier to browse compared to other sites. No pop up ads are there on the site and it’s quite secure too. All detailed info about the site is given on the homepage of the site.

  7. IsoHunt

    If you have been looking for efficient torrent service then IsoHunt is what you need to visit. The site was shut down a few years back but it is back again with even better service. You can’t even compile a list of best torrent sites without including this in that. Ranging from movies to software, this site has got it all. It just doesn’t provide you torrent files but also a platform where you can join and discuss torrent matter. The search bar is quite efficient too as it provides you with the perfect search results. The categories are finely divided on the homepage itself.

  8. YiFy Torrent

    YiFy Torrent also known as YTS is one among many torrent sites. The easy user interface and High quality movies is what that separates this from other sites. Another remarkable factor of this site is that despite of providing high quality videos its video size is quite small. The only drawback is that it only provides movies. Well, that won’t be a drawback as it is considered as treasure trove for movie buffs. If you search properly, then you would be able to locate 3D movies too. TiFY Torrents are updated regularly with the latest released movies and that too in 720p or higher video resolutions.

  9. TorrentBox

    It may not be at the top of the list but it does provide you with some of the best torrent files there is. It has been newly launched but it is taking over the torrent market quite fast. At present, TorrrentBox has over 3 million torrent files on their site and more torrent files are getting added with every passing day. Going by its unpopularity you find it to be less trustworthy but detailed information of each and every torrent files is provided on the site. All you need to do is visit the site, check out the details and start downloading.

  10. BitSnoop

    If you were to compile a list of the best torrent sites of all time or best torrent sites 2017, then BitSnopp cannot be excluded from that. Movies, Software, Games, etc. is available on this website. Games are the specialty of this website, from smartphone games to PS4 games; all are easily available on this site. The clean and smooth user interface is also something that you need to take into account, it make browsing quite the easier. Well, this site has been blocked in most of the countries but you can use proxy servers to visit this site.

  11. Monova

    Monova is also one of the best torrent sites that you will come around. If it was created some years back, the probably this would have been the biggest torrent site or the king of all torrent sites. Well, by the just mentioned name you can understand the potential of this site. No matter what kind of content you are searching for everything is available here and that too in HD quality. Monova is quite popular among torrenters and it’s accessible for free. To use this site you need to create and account which is available for free.

  12. 1337X

    This the perfect site for people who want good adult content. The design of this website is a classic and has been categorised in the best possible way. The site was take down a few years back but it was back again soon after that. Well, you don’t have to worry about its reliability as this is one of the popular torrent sites 2017. Details about each and every torrent site is provided just below the download tab. Downloading files is quite easy too as all you need is a torrent client and you will be go. Utorrent and BitTorrent are some good torrent download clients.

  13. EZTV

    EZTV is regarded as one among the best torrent sites there is. The users interface is just marvellous and it’s quite easy to download files from here. You can download files just from the homepage. If you need details about those particular files then you could just visit the particular files and check out the details. Apart from the huge database of torrent files, it is also updated regularly with the latest movies, videos and etc. All files here are available in high quality.

  14. TorrentUS

    TorrentUS is basically a search engine. It is a great replacement of TorrentZ as it has got all the quality and reliability of TorrentZ. This site is actually blacklisted but you can visit tis via a proxy server. Everything here is available for free and all that you need to do is type on the search bar and hit enter. TorrrentUS will provide you with the best search results and just like TorentZ all the leading sites will be at the top of the list.

  15. Mini Nova

    Mini Nova has been around for quite a long time. It can be said that it is one of the oldest torrent sites there is. The interface is not that friendly unlike the other best torrent sites. The users need to disguise which is good and which is bad. But don’t let it put you off as being the oldest torrent sites has its own perks. The torrent database of this site is huge when compared to some of the top torrent sites on the list. All kinds of torrent files are available here on this site.

  16. TorrentDB

    The interface of this site is quite similar to other torrent sites. Even the torrent database of this site is quite similar to other sites. Just type in the name of the torrent file and it will be found quite easily. What makes it easier to browse is the filter option. You can just filter and locate the file that you are trying to download on this site. Without a doubt this site will provide you with the right kind of user experience.

  17. TorrentDownloads

    This site might be at the bottom of the list but it is not the worst. Well, it can be said that this is quite on par with the top torrent sites provided on this site. TorrentDownloads is quite new when compared to other torrent sites but searching for any content here is quite easy. From eBooks to software, whatever you need is available on this site. You might want to check out this site as you will be surprised about what you can find here.


So this was the list of the top 15+ torrent sites 2017 from where you can download some good content. Some of these sites might be black listed but can be used by using a proxy server or by changing the VPN. While torrenting you also keep in mind that it is illegal to download copyright materials and is punishable by law. If we missed out on any good torrent sites then do let us know by commenting below. Hope this was informative enough for you.